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This is a joyous time in your life and EM will keep it that way!


♦ Are you wondering "Where do I start?"

♦ Have you asked yourself "What should I do now?"

♦ Have you thought "How can I get all my plans together?" or

♦ "How can I execute all the wonderful plans I’ve already made?"


EM specializes in wedding planning, coordination and management. We can assist you with your plans from the beginning, help you in the middle or just join in at the end and help you manage your important day! EM is very flexible with all Wedding Package Plans and will completely cater to you special event!

Why do I need to hire someone to help me “Organize” or “Run” my wedding? I know exactly what I want, and besides, it’s not a huge wedding?

Well, that’s a good question. Usually couples think that a wedding planner is only for those people who have all kinds of money to use on a huge wedding. Not true. EM-Event Management has done most of it’s work with small to medium sized weddings (although we’ve done pretty large ones as well), couples on a very tight budget and couples who want the most for their money (who doesn’t?). 

A wedding professional can steer you in the right direction to find great and responsible vendors (at discounted prices), help make the most of any venue, assist you in finding your “style” and most importantly help you focus on all aspects of your wedding plans so that this time can be a wonderful time of creativity and sharing for you and your fiancé!


Most importantly though, whatever the magnitude of your special day, it’s YOUR DAY. You don’t want to have to be in charge of making sure everyone gets transportation, that the caterer knows it’s time to pour the champagne or that the musicians need to stall because your Mother-in-law had a run in her stockings! EM will do just that – manage the details so YOUR day can be YOUR OWN! Our testimonials speak for themselves.

“Emily, thank you for taking care of our wedding coordination! Everyone has been telling us how much fun it was, and though it was completely fun and stress free for us, it's great to know that everyone else had a blast too. We didn't have a care in the world! You're the best. Beatrice and Darren”

What does an event manager or wedding coordinator do, exactly? A variety of things depending what you need and want. EM has directed the rehearsal, stage managed the ceremony, coordinated the vendors from start to finish or just the week before, coordinated wedding party/family hotel and travel arrangements, assisted in decorating, found babysitters for the children, coordinated the clean up, recommended music for the ceremony and reception, made gift bags for out of town guests, planned rehearsal dinners, advised the couple on proper etiquette, AND kept the couple calm and confident that their day will be exactly as they dreamed it would be and much, much more! 

    How much is this going to cost? Very important question! It depends on how much you need done and how much time you have before your wedding. We have packages for every budget and they can be modified to suit your needs. EM doesn't take commission from vendors or base our price on a percentage price of your wedding.

Wedding Packages

Consultation Package

Package #1
Consultation Package:

What do I do now?

You have the ring and the date, but now what? You’ve got some great ideas, but need to really focus. Weddings with EM could get you going and help you figure out what you want on your special day. This package includes: (6 - 10 hours total)

  • Consult both in person and via phone
  • Assist with your basic time line of the wedding planning process
  • Assist in finding your “style” of wedding, research on themes of weddings
  • Suggest locations, vendors, and other unique ideas
  • Discuss customs and traditions that may be included on your special day
  • Help you get started

Package #2:
Day of Wedding “Stage Manager” Package

Stage Manager Package

I’ve done it all - something old, new, borrowed and blue, but would you please tell everyone else what to do?

You have absolutely done all of your wedding planning and you suddenly realize that you want to ENJOY your day! Weddings with EM can “stage manage” and coordinate, and run all the different aspects that you have so carefully planned. This way you can be calm and confident that your special day will be all YOURS. This package includes:

  • Meet at your ceremony and reception sites to discuss logistics
  • Gather all information to be able to be completely informed about all the plans that you’ve made
  • Assist in making an inclusive timeline and info document of your wedding.
  • Direct wedding rehearsal (can be day of or a different day)
  • Day of full support, “stage management” of your special day for: --> Full ceremony
    --> Entire reception events (all vendor coordination)
    --> After wedding events coordination (clean up crew, pay vendors, pick up)
    --> Many hours of pre-wedding consultation to fully understand your event and
         personal style as well as discover any details left out.
    --> No hourly limit to this service – EM will take the time to make your
         event a success.

Package #3Package #3:
Stage Manager Plus

Can you help along the way and a lot on the Big Day?

You really have great ideas and want to do a lot of the planning for your special day yourself, for that personal touch. Maybe you’ve already gotten your dress, the location and a band, but still need a good photographer or wedding cake. With all of your wonderful plans you realize (and this is a very smart thing to realize) that you need a “go to” person for that actual Big Day. You’ve planned most it, but you don’t want to have to execute it, YOU WANT TO ENJOY IT! EM has done many of these kinds of packages and helps give your special day that unique and personal touch. This package includes:

  • Package #1 and #2 (above)
  • Assistance in selection of still needed vendors (will present current preferred vendors and research more if needed)
  • Assist in contracts with selected vendors
  • Assist in décor decisions and execution if needed.
  • Gather information for hotel packages and blocking of rooms for guests
  • Work with you on rehearsal dinner planning (space, menu, events etc…)
  • Assist with any other items that may be needed for your wedding day!
“Thank you so very, very much for all the help you gave me for our
wedding... I would not have been able to do it without you... you are the best planner ever and I would be more than happy to highly recommend you to anyone... ps raise your price! ”             Love, Sally and Greg

Package 4Package #4:
Total Step by Step

I’m in over my head, could you please do it instead?

You are thrilled that you’re getting married to the love of your life, but you’ve got a full time job or school and don’t have the business hours to devote to all this planning. Weddings with EM can help you plan your wedding with your own personal tastes but not with all of your own personal time. EM will keep you fully informed of all developments in the progress of your wedding plans and make you feel confident that your special day is in good hands all along the way. This package includes:

  • Package #1,#2 and #3 (above)
  • Assistance in finding ceremony and reception location
  • Help in selection of all vendors
  • Complete coordination of all vendors
  • Help with any additional décor details
  • Execute any further purchases or rentals not taken care of by vendors
  • Help with out of town guest gift bags/guest favors/ wedding party gifts
“Gret and I were talking last night about how we could not have pulled that event off without you there. Just as important as covering every detail and corralling the right folks at the right time, you kept my and Greta's nerves totally in check. We can't thank you enough--you were a savior, saint and rock star all rolled into one.”

- Warm regards, Shaleen and Greta

Sou to Nuts PackagePackage #5:
Full Service

I don’t have the guts, can you do this soup to nuts?:

You are excited about your special day but are completely overwhelmed with all the decisions! Weddings with EM can help you feel confident that your wedding will be as though you did it yourself except you don’t have to meet the deadlines, return the phone calls, go to the appointments (unless you want to). EM will communicate with you all along the way to make sure that this day reflects your style and personality without headaches for you.

This package includes:

  • All packages above
  • You give me your budget and I’ll take care of the rest! Whew!
“Emily, we just got back from the honeymoon a few days ago. Thanks for making our wedding a success. i heard something about driving people to the subway b/c of the rain..... i'm convinced that without you it would have been a disaster! You were great to work with and i will recommend you to whoever might ask! (in fact dorothy the florist asked me if she could recommend you to someone, so it's happening already).” Thanks for everything, Eve and PJ

Package #6
*Special Package

I’m in a hurry can you help me with the flurry?

Special Package

Sometimes couples just don’t want to drag this wedding planning process out; they want to be married! Maybe you have to relocate for a new job or huge projects are about to begin, and you want to have the love of your life with you as husband or wife – now! EM has done plans for brides in a hurry many times. If your ceremony is less than 3 months or even just a month away, EM can help you with all those details that still need to be taken care of. It is your special day regardless.

This includes a combination of the wedding packages above depending on the nature of the wedding.