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EM-Event Management can offer its services for your next corporate event, cocktail party, milestone birthday party, dinner party, Seder dinner, benefit function or condo or coop party that will not only be memorable and special, but cost effective. We can suggest themes, location, cuisine, décor, entertainment and activities for all these important functions as well as planning and producing your event.

There are so many special times in our lives both private and corporate. EM can make each event one that is truly unique and one that fits in your budget.

For the past five years, I have worked with Emily Lester of Event Management on several projects. Each has been wonderfully detailed, organized and beautifully staged. I highly recommend Emily and her company.
Greg Henry, Benjamin Catering

What types of celebrations does EM plan?

EM-Event Management does more than weddings. We can make your office holiday party, retirement party, milestone birthday or baby shower a hassle free event for everyone by taking care of all the preparations from the food to the decorations even the special entertainment you may want. We can take care of the stressful, time consuming parts and make it an event to remember. If it’s a surprise, even more reason! See our gallery for the types of events we’ve handled.


How do we do it?

We can imbue this special time with your taste and personality minus all the fuss and sweat – on your part! EM can also help coordinate your planning if several of you are throwing a shower! We can provide party game suggestions; give you theme and invitation ideas as well as decor, food and location assistance.

“I have to send you this note to thank you for organizing and planning this year’s cocktail reception. It was quite an evening! I can’t even begin to imagine how much work and dedication went into arranging everything. You did a wonderful job.” – Thank You, Patty Ann 

Do I really need to have someone help me throw a shower or even a milestone event (birthday, anniversary, retirement)? Isn’t that a simple thing to do?

Well, sometimes. Depending on your schedule and how big an affair you are throwing, it is easy. But how many celebrations have you been to that have been unorganized, poorly planned and just boring? Showers, birthdays and milestones are VERY special times in peoples’ lives and they can be memorable or disappointing. You only have one chance to get it right. The choice is yours.

 We have had the pleasure of attending a number of events, showers and parties that were planned and executed by Emily Lester.

From the beautiful flower arrangements, to the divine foods and cocktails, everything was individualized, singular and memorable from one occasion to the next. Her parties are wonderful, & never cookie-cutter.

Emily’s intelligent and she gets it, and besides that she’s truly fun to work with. Emily knows how to make any occasion a first class affair. Time and time again we found her attention to detail unparalleled and she brings to the table a true sense of elegance, grace and style.” – Susan and Matt



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