Birthdays with EM

Birthdays with EM! is a division of EM – Event Management, a New York Metro area based company. Birthdays with EM! will provide your preschooler with musical birthday party entertainment and fun; offering a variety of party packages as well as other party preparation assistance, from food to goodie bags.

Birthdays with EM specializes in parties for children ages 1 year to 4 years. Each birthday is customized for you and your child. We can come to your home, go to the park or help you find a location (often at a discounted price) for your child’s fun day! We can adjust our packages to fit your needs. We also offer other birthday items like goodie bags, paper goods, and cakes. We can even offer assistance in preparation, in serving, and cleaning up when we’re at the parties, too. It’s your unique, fun, day of musical play!

We offer a variety of packages that can be customized to fit your needs:


Birthdays with EM! Specializes in musical birthday party entertainment for children, especially pre-schoolers ages 1-4!

  • In Your Home or on Location
  • Musical Instruments and Singing
  • FUN Equipment and Toys
  • Parachutes and Bubbles
  • Experienced Party Teachers
  • A Variety of Party Packages
  • Reasonably Priced

Birthdays with EM! has years of experience in how to have great,
age-appropriate, enthusiastic, musical FUN!!

“Musical Bubbles Party” in the home

Includes singing, lots of age appropriate musical instruments to play, 3 sizes of bubbles, parachute, blanket/ball games, scarfs/ribbons, dancing, musical, age appropriate, interactive fun in your home for approx. 45 minutes.

“Thanks to you, the kids had such a good time and therefore the parents had a blast! I am so glad that you were at Maya's party. You were so patient, professional and wonderful with the children. I will definitely think of you for Maya's next party.”

- Debbi, Erez and Maya

“Outdoor Musical Bubbles Party”

Same as above just outdoors in your garden or the park.

“Thank you so much for organizing our entertainment at Yasmin’s 1st birthday. It was great and the kids (and adults!) loved it. Look forward to working with you again.” - Eling & Yasmin

“Musical Bubbles Party” in another location

Includes the “Musical Bubbles Party” (above) plus rental of a particular space for a 1 ½ - 2 hour period (price TBD upon location selection). EM can arrange it all and suggest locations (some at a discounted price) for you!

Emily – You were absolutely wonderful at Alex and Katie’s birthday, it takes a special touch to keep a dozen two year olds interested and entertained without tears and total chaos! Thank you so much. We received many raves from our guests and I suspect we may be getting a few requests for referrals for you. We were having such a good time that we did not take the best photos but we have attached a few with the birthday girls that you can feel free to use for your website.
Best, Anne

“Fancy Fun Party”

Includes our wacky and fun air log, huge beach balls, spinner and tunnels. We add all of this extra fun to our “Musical Bubbles Party Package”. NOTE: equipment can be used on an a la carte basis. Pricing would then be adjusted.

“Thank you for such a fun, happy birthday! All of us (especially the adults) had a great time at Lydia’s party. You really made the little ones feel special as well as the bigger kids with your variety of games. The bubbles and parachute were especially a big hit! Thanks again!”
- Cynthia, Larry and Lydia

Additional Party Supplies

Can include goodie bags (a variety of age appropriate items), paper goods (yes, even special themes), can arrange cake and delivery of food and balloons.

Other Party Fun

if you would like a face painter or character we can arrange for that, too. We also can provide fun arts and crafts for the older kids as well as fun cookie decorating or cupcake decorating activities.

“Thank you! We had a great time with you and so did the kids and our friends. We will keep you in mind for the future and for any of our friends.” - Rhonda & Ray

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