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Welcome to EM Event Management.

♦     Are you planning a wedding, party or other celebration?

♦     Do you want to have a stress-free event and enjoy yourself?

♦     Are you concerned that you may forget a few details?

♦     Do you want to save money and have access to special
       resources and vendors?

You can have the event you imagine!

From 2 guests to 500 guests...
...from dragon dancers to Irish dancers
...from broom hopping to hand tying
...from harps to rock bands
...from candelabras to floral cascades
...from home made pies to stacked French pastries,
...from tuxedos to jeans

YES, it’s all about YOUR event! It can be a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, baby or bridal shower, anniversary celebration or anything in between. EM has done all types of events in all kinds of settings with all kinds of cultural flair and tradition.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Michael and I are so grateful to you! Thank you for your loving way of guiding us through this entire process. We could not have done it without you!! ---- Love, Joanna and Michael

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  “It’s YOUR event – EM can help make it so!!”                                


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